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March 27, 2021  •  7 Comments

Log on OceanLog on OceanLog on Ocean

I have been searching for this image for some time now. Along the coast there are many logs strewn across the beach, especially after a winter storm or if a barge has broken up in the strong waves we get in the strait.  I happened by chance on this one day not far from our house.  I was happy with the image but it took some time to figure out why I was looking for this image.

In processing the image, I really wanted to keep the distant beacon in the image, and I especially wanted the far off mountains as part of the image.  I just knew they had to be part of the final image.

This particular image appealed to a lot of people when I put it up on social media and shared with friends.  Actually I was surprised how many people responded to this image; more than I expected because I thought I was making one of my quaint/oddball images that appealed to me and did not really expect it to resonate with others.  I was not trying to create a "popular" image which can be a good safe image if you want "likes"" on that website we all hate but can't wait to check.

It is like the log is looking for something, it is searching for something elusive far off on the horizon.  It occurred to me that many of us, regardless of what stage of life we are at, spend our time searching for something to give meaning to things.  We strive to find something just beyond our reach to explain or make sense of our life.  This feeling is especially strong this past year.  We have had to re-assess what is important, what we can let go without affecting our life, and we are gaining a new appreciation of what little we need to be happy.  All those things we thought were important just don't seem to matter.  (That definitely does not apply to any new camera equipment!! Let's be real.)

I hope you will enjoy this image.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you care to post a comment.


A beautiful photo Sucha... if I recall correctly, there was a similarly haunting idea in Fitzgeralds's 'Great Gatsby'... the green light at the end of the dock across the lake, beckoning to the 'better' side. Your image is equally haunting, but more mysterious, leaving more to each viewer's imagination.
Thanks for sharing this Sucha
Ken Sully(non-registered)
Thought provoking image Sucha. On a overcast, dark and gloomy day the log firmly sitting on the ground disappears into the unknown yet at the same time feels connected to the distant shore. There is a guiding marker but it is not aligned. To find more solid ground and meaning ( mountains) all one can do is risk entering the unknowing which is calling.
An very moving photo...the log looks like a Totem Pole that has witnessed and weathered many a storm...timeless.
Part of what makes this image compelling is the leading line of the log. It draws us into the misty unknown, letting our imagination wander for a time. Eventually moving further to the horizon. I feel a sense of peace and tranquillity while being immersed.
Brad Powell(non-registered)
Sucha, I really love this image! We all strive to capture a few moments in time with our long exposure photography and you have done that perfectly here. The contrasts from the dark pebbly beach out to the white creamy sea and then up to the moody streaking clouds is beautiful. The log is a beautiful anchor and leading line, leading our eye out to the beacon and distant islands. And I find the b&w conversion exquisite as well. I hope this is going to get printed real big and hung on your wall!
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