I am a serious amateur photographer based in Nanaimo, BC on beautiful Vancouver Island.  I have been photographing every since I got my first camera in grade 8. My interests have ranged from portraits, sports photography, journalism, travel photography, and everything in between.

Now my real passion is long exposure photography, primarily black and white.  There are so many beautiful places from beaches to the craggy shores, forests and ghosts of ship yards on Vancouver Island. Long exposure photography brings out the peace and serenity of the natural landscape.  There is a fine balance between the wilderness of the coast and the calm that comes from opening up your mind and soul while standing on the edge.  I hope to capture a small part of this in my photos. 

I use a Nikon D800. My "go-to" lenses are a Zeiss 21mm f2.8, a 35mm f3.5 and 80mm macro from my Mamiya 645 system.

I was inspired to try long exposure photography by an image by the great master Michael Kenna. I just sat there awestruck by its simplicity and the eternal beauty he captured. I found my passion. 

Since then, I have been influenced by Marc Koegel, Grant Murray, Cole Thompson, and of course Joel Tjintjelaar, and recently Nathan Wirth.  I strive to improve continually.  I try to be open to new challenges, new ideas and take a chance with my photographs.

Why do I take photos?  It excites me.  It brings out a passion for our natural surroundings.  I can share the beauty I see all around us.  The joy is finding beauty in the simplest thing. I just plain have fun taking photos.  Besides, it is an excuse to get away from my day job